Tile : World’s largest technology to find lost things..

Daily we forget many small things like car keys, wallet etc.. Searching these things when we are in urgent work makes us soo irritate. Not only small this when we lost most expensive things like Laptop, Mobile, Car etc.. Is there any way to retrieve them back when we lost or forget? Yes, there is a awesome technology called Tile technology.


       How Tile works?

tile map
                             There are some small tiles. Just stick or attach one of those tiles to things which   you are forgetting daily. There is a Tile app, just login into it and go to Add a Tile screen and hold your new Tile upto your iphone automatically Tile app stores your new tile. When you forgot any thing login into it and just tap on the name. Then you can locate your lost one(s).

        Features of Tile:

tile features
  •            Using wifi. You can see reaching nearer and further away from the tile with in 50-150fts.
  •            Through sound. You can easily here in close range when the sound occurs from the tile.
  •             Using GPS. Tile app saves the last GPS location when it see last.
  •             No need of replacing batteries or charge the tiles.


Important points and conditions of Tile:

tile lost
  1.        Each tile lasts for 1 year after activation with mobile app. If almost the year up we gets a notification.
  2.        This app is available for iphone 4S, iphone 5, ipad mini ipad 3,4,5 generations. But not for Android, Windows, Blackberry.
  3.         This is very secure because you can only have your account you can also share your account on whom you mostly believed.

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