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creating a app without knowing code

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You can create a app which is suitable to your smart phone without knowing how to code. Creation code is also depends on the OS of your smart phone. We gave some of the popular sites to create app according to your OS of your phone.


You can create a app here with in three steps. It will support almost all OS of your smart phone and it is free of cost. You can also login with the help of  all social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc.. We can also create a app using “Built-in wizard” in default. These are the three steps to create a app here.

visit Login in to it.

  •      We should choose app categories example: education, music,events etc..
  •      We should have to setup background colors, selections and pages  etc…
  •      Press SUBMIT.


To design apps in OS like Android, IOS “Buzz touch” is used. We can create app only in the online control panel itself . To create this app for the uses of Android should contain “ECLIPSE” software, and IOS user should contain “Xcode” software in there PC. We should run this app in these tools itself. Follow below steps to create app in these OS.

Visit and follow below steps.


Use pre-written plugins, or create something custom. No limitations=awesome apps.



The software prepare native IOS and Android source code. Keep the code=cool.


Launch your app with the IOS, or Android SDK, prepare for the app store=sweet!

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