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Schedule Your Tasks on Your Smart Mobile

Task Schedule app…

Most of us will use smart phones. We have many services in our phones, to manage our phone services we have an app. This app can be used in different OS but the installation  is different for various operating systems.


In default the app will open for the time you  have set it after installing the PHONE SCHEDULE  app. It runs in the background so, ones you setup a task you won’t need to rescheduled manually.

  •  Silent mode, vibration mode, volume.
  •  Bluetooth, wifi, airplane  mode on/off.
  •  Mobile data on/off.
  •  Brightness(auto,full,custom,dimscreen).
  •  Launch an app.
  •  Change ring tone and notification tone .
  •  Auto-sync on/off and so on…


schedule android

You can get “PHONE  SCHEDULE” app in play store . This is “ALL IN ONE” phone scheduler . From this app we can manage display, battery usage, mobile ring  modes (vibration or silent), bluetooth, etc.. from one place. Visit this site to download this app..      

iPhone Users:

schedule ios

You can download this app from app store. It will also show  your usage of services in the form of a graph. To download this app visit this site…

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