How to connect Internet from smartphone to iPad through hotspot?

Hot spot is used to connect wifi connection to iPad from your mobile. There is a small difference in the connection of wifi from iPhone to iPad and android to iPad. Below we gave you brief info to connect  from iPhone to iPad and android to iPad.

Steps for Hotspot connection from android to iPad.

                   Step 1:  If there is no hotspot in your mobile then first download from its website.
                  Step 2:   Then go to menu option in your mobile. Go to settings.
                  Step 3:   Go to ‘ wifi and networking ‘.
                  Step 4:   Go to ‘ mobile connections ‘ and on ‘pocket data ‘.
                  Step 5:   Then come back to menu. On the wifi symbol.
         By this your mobile is activated for wifi.
                   Step 6:    Then go settings in your iPad and on wifi. And search the network.
        Now you can use  your iPad which is connected wifi by your mobile.

Steps to connect hotspot connection from iPhone to iPad.

1.From the Home Screen launch the Settings App

ios 43 iphone settings hotspots

2.In Settings tap on Personal Hotspot. Toggle Personal Hotspot to “On”


3.If Wi-Fi is currently disabled a popup will appear asking you to enable it.

4.You will see a default Wi-Fi password. You can either use it or tap on it to change it to a password of your choosing.

5.Once you’re happy with the settings go to your Mac or Windows PC and look for the name of your iPhone under available Wi-Fi networks.

6.Enter the password


7.A blue bar will appear on top of your iPhone showing the connection is established and how many devices are connected.

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