how to Create windows shortcut keys and some shortcut keys of internet

Create a shortcut keys for Windows

Step 1: Open the folder or directory that contain the program you wish to create a shortcut for.

Step 2: Right click on the program and click “create shortcut”.

Step 3: This will create a shortcut named Shortcut to <Your program>. If you want to rename right click on file and rename to it.

Step 4: Once this is completed copy or cut it and paste any where to execute this program.

Once the short key is created to assign a shortcut key to that shortcut window follow bellow steps:

Step 1:  Right click the shortcut and click properties.

Step 2: Click the shortcut tab.

Step 3: Click in the shortcut box and press a letter. for example: if you press ‘p’key it will automatically be made Ctrl+Alt+P. Which means if saved when pressing Ctrl and Alt and ‘p’ all at the same   time will run that shortcut.

Generally we use internet daily and here is the shortcut keys of keyboard to make our work easy.

  Shortcut keys  Usage

  • Alt+D                             Cursor will move to your address bar of internet browser.
  • Ctrl+’+’                          Increase the size of text.
  • Ctrl+’-‘                           Decrease the size of text.
  • Backspace                   To go back a page
  • F5                                   To refresh or reload a web page
  • F11                                 To make internet browser screen full screen.
  • F11                                 To make internet browser screen as normal screen.
  • Ctrl+B                           To make your internet bookmarks open.
  • Ctrl+enter                    Quickly complete an address.
  • Ctrl+N                           Open new window browser.
  • Ctrl+P                           Print current page.
  • Ctrl+T                           Open anew tab.
  • Ctrl+F4                         Close the currently opened tab.
  • Spacebar                     Moves up a page at a time.

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