Just one click to clean up your web history and how to backup your files

To do browsing we should use a web browser. We should have to observe our history in the case of privacy and always want to delete our web history which is not useful and which we think not to see by others. There is an inbuilt options to delete our web history with only one click. One of the best option is “Click and Clean”.

“Click and Clean” tool :


The users of Firefox and Chrome can install it through extraction. If you are the users of  Firefox visit https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clickclean/  you should add this to your browser and restart it. As soon as this you can see a new icon by the side of your address bar. You can manage your browser history by clicking on that icon. If you want to clear all your history  click on “Clear Browsing Data” option or you can also use this short cut key ‘Alt+C’. You can also manage your tab windows using ‘addon’. To do private browsing select “Incognito”. If you wanted to delete browsers cookies go to Cookies menu and delete the list which you browsed .and you can also do “private test”.

For the browsers of Chrome you can get it through webstore visit this link  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clickclean/ghgabhipcejejjmhhchfonmamedcbeod?hl=en

How to Backup your files :

backup files

We used to save different types of files in our system daily. In that some are important for us. In case if your system get crashed? then what about your important files which are saved. So it is important to backup your files. we no need to use any external tools, there is a inbuilt “backup” option in your windows. If you are the users of Windows 7 then follow these steps.

Start —> Control Panel —> System and Maintenance —> Backup and Restore

Here you can save your files. If you want to backup all the files in your system then setup ” Create New, Full Backup “. If you want to backup only the files you want to, do “Setup Backup”. If you want to restore the data which is backup click on “Backup and Restore -> Restore my files”. you have click on “Restore” after total process is completed.

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