Some major tips on documents and power point in Kingsoft office…

How to extract all email addresses in one document?

                If there are hundreds of mail addresses are there in any document you cannot go for each and every mail address. So, here is the tip to extract hundreds of mail addresses at a time with in a second.

STEP 1: Use ctrl+f to bring up “Find and Replace”panel.

STEP 2: enter “[A-Z,0-9]{1,}\@[A-z,0-9,\.]{1,}” in find out (dont include cotations). Then check “High light all item found in”, click the more button, check, use “wild cards”.

STEP 3: click “Find all” you will pick all the mail addresses.

How to paste the text without format in table?

STEP 1: Click ” Writer” and choose “Option” under it.

switch UI

 STEP 2: In the box “edit–cut and paste option”. Set the default paste format in the pull down list. Choose “Unformatted text ” then every word after you set this will be pasted with no format.

How to convert word document to PDF?

STEP 1: When you finish your document in the word processing software, are have already opened and edited .doc files, click file menu in the main tool bar

STEP 2: In the drop down list “click the export to PDF” option.

STEP 3: A pop up window will appear where you can select the converted file name and  file path.

 How to convert power point to word document with?

STEP 1: Open an existing PPT.
STEP 2: Under 2012 style interface go to presentation-> save as->convert to  documentunder free office interface finding the transalte to document button on  the files dropdown menu you will see the following dailog box from which you can choose slide to be convert,and layout. the presentation to the word document conversion include text, table and picture  if you select converted layout to be according to original layout, The check boxes before text, table and picture will be available, and you can choose all three or only one or two of   them. Then press OK.

STEP 3: You will asked to name the document and point the location to save it. The word document can be saved in *.doc, *.wps file formats. now click save button. The  presentation file will be converted to document. Click open file button to view document.

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