ms word shortcuts

About 50 shortcut keys in MS word for easy documentary

MS Word is being most useful for all technical people. All documents are prepared in MS word so we provided more than 50 shortcut keys to make your work very fast and easy in MS word.

ms word shortcuts

Shortcut keys for common task

Ctrl + [ Increase your font size by 1 point.

Ctrl + ] Decrease your font size by 1 point.

Ctrl + Spacebar Remove paragraph/character formatting.

Ctrl + C Copy the selected text/object.

Ctrl + X Cut the selected text/object.

Ctrl + V Paste text/object.

Ctrl + B Make letters Bold.

Ctrl + I Make letters italic.

Ctrl + U Make letters underline.

Ctrl + Z Undo the last action.

Ctrl + Y Redo the last action.

Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease the font size by 1 value.

Ctrl + Shift + > Increase the font size by 1 value.

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar Create a non brake space.

Shortcut keys for Create save and view documents

Ctrl + O Open a document.

Ctrl + N Create a new document.

Alt + Ctrl + S Split the document window.

Alt + Shift + C Remove the document which is split.

Ctrl + S Save a document.

Ctrl + W Close a document.

Print preview and review of document

Ctrl + P Print a document.

Arrow keys To move around the preview page when zoomed in.

Page up/down To moved by preview page when zoomed out.

Ctrl + home Move to first preview page when zoomed out.

Alt + Ctrl + I Switch in/out of print preview.

Alt + Ctrl + M Insert a comment.

Alt + Shift + C Close the reviewing if it open.

Shortcut keys for full screen view

n,Enter To view nth page.

Home To view first page.

End To view last page.

Esc Exit reading layout view.

Shortcut keys for web pages, delete text and graphics

F9 Refresh.

Ctrl + K Insert a hyper link.

Alt + right arrow Move 1 page forward.

Alt + left arrow Move 1 page backward.

Del Delete 1 character to right.

Ctrl + backspace Delete 1 word to left.

Ctrl + Del Delete 1 word to right.

Ctrl + F3 Cut to the spike.

Ctrl + Shift + F3 Paste the spike.

Shortcut keys for Find, replace, browse through text

Ctrl + F Find text.

Ctrl + G Go to page, bookmark or other.

Ctrl + H Replace text/special items.

Shortcut keys for other view or out line view

Alt + Ctrl + P Switch to print layout view.

Alt + Ctrl + N Switch to draft view.

Alt + Ctrl + O Switch to outline view.

Ctrl + pageup Move to previous edit location.

Ctrl + pagedown Move to next edit location.

Alt + Shift + + Expand text under a heading.

Alt + Shift + – Collapse text under a heading.

Alt + Shift + A Expand/collapse all text under a heading.

Ctrl + tab Insert a tab character.

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