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Best 3 Security tools for your smartphones

It is very difficult to find when you lost or misplace your smart mobile. So, there is a way to find your mobile when you lost or misplace. Here we are introducing best three tools to get back your smartphone when it lost or misplace.

Lookout security tool

Lookout is a free app used to protect all the iOS and Android devices. It protects from unsecured WiFi networking,fragmented links and many more. You can also backup your contacts from automatic backups by this you can restore the contacts when data is lost. When your mobile is lost this tool will help you to locate it through Google maps even when your GPRS is in off state.

lookout security

There is a alarm system used to make loud sound when it is silent mode. There are many other features like safe browsing,data confidential when with remote lock and wipe etc but these are to be paid.

McAfee security app

McAfee is applicable for Android, Windows, java, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian OS. Its features are remote wiping and locking, backup and restore, location and sim tracking with wave secure. In this you can also backup your photos and videos along with contacts. This tool works even your GPRS has been turned off.

wave secure

Bullgaurd security tool

BullGuard is not a free tool it is available for $29.99 per month.This tool is available for Android, Windows mobiles, Blackberry, Symbian OS This tool gives you a online account. This make you to access your smartphone remotely.

Bullgaurd security tool

In case you lost your mobile you can lock it remotely and wipe it clean. There is a module called parental module which is used to make your kid protected without having direct access with your phone. You can protect your sim and contacts by using firewalls, backup and restore, spam filters, anti-spyware.

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