Blue brain technology

As we all know that human brain is full of complexities.The usage of man’s brain gets stops when he die. There started a latest invention in neural networks called “Blue brain“, this project intention is to upload the complete information which is existing in the brain into Computer. If this is achieved then even after the death of human we can preserve his intelligence and knowledge. This project is founded in may 2005 by the Brain and Mind institutes of the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. This study of human brain will leads to a complete sketch of the flow of the electrical signals of the brain.

This new technology had a way for considerable improvement of supercomputing, also known as high performance computing. This supports with blue brain technology based on current close connections between IBM and the Blue brain technology.

There are many other research is going on about artificial brains like The Cajal Blue brain   by Technical University of Madrid. The main lines of research currently going on at Cajal Blue brain includes neurological experimentation and computer simulation. Nanotechnology plays a main role in the form of newly designed brain microscope.

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