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How to do secure browsing?

Daily we use to do browsing. We should be careful while providing our personal information and financial information while shopping or filling any form. So every browser should take some care while browsing on net. For example the indicator that a vendor has to take that “https:” in website URL here ‘s’ in the HTTPS stands for secure or else padlock in the browser’s status. There are many other secure tips are given bellow for browsers.

Usage of different passwords

It is better to use different passwords for different websites and there are some rules to follow for secure passwords they are:

  1. It must contain two different character classes like Upper case and lower case.
  2. It should not be any word which can found through dictionary.
  3. It must have minimum of 8 digits or letters.
  4. It must be different from the password which you are currently using
  5. Better to change your password several times.

This are the main tips to make our password safe and secure.

Usage of Virus protection software

Some times we may not give our information to other but there may be a chance to capture your information with the help of virus which may enter into your system from website you are using. So, its better to use Virus protection software for Mac, Windows and Linux its better to use this

Read website privacy policies

The administrators of that website which you are using should explain that why and how they are going to use your information and the measures they are taking to protect it. If they are not showing your information then consider it is not save.

Be careful with Scams

During festivals or any other events the rate of consumers will high at that time we must be careful with the criminals who are waiting to snag the unwary customers. So, better to use adds or coupons that appear on those websites.

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