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How to install Amazon’s Android appstore to your mobile

It is a mobile application store for Google android OS. It was launched originally with around 3,800 apps both paid and not paid. One advantage for the Google play is Amazon App store includes a “free app a day” feature. Every day a free game is offered. The source ” test drive ” feature allows the users to try an application in there web browser by launching a virtual copy of android in the Amazon EC2 cloud for half an hour. Now lets see how to install Amazon Android App store in your mobiles.

amazon - android

Enter your mobile number or email address from the home page of App store in the box under “Get Started“. Then you will get a message or mail containing a link to download the App store. You need to setup some settings on your mobile before opening the link, first go to Settings<Applications then make the check box to “unknown sources“. Now you will get a warning message from android. There is no problem with amazon so tap “OK“. Now you can open the notifications from amazon.

Now you can tap the link to download. Now open your notifications bar on top of the screen and select “Amazon_appstore.apk“. Tap “Install“. After the completion of installation tap “Open” to launch the App store. Now login to App store using amazon account.

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