How to protect yourself from mobile radiations

Now a days man can able to live without food but cannot without mobiles. The 100% believable fact that population of mobiles is more than human. If this is the case then think what about the radiation due to this mobiles. So, how can we protect ourselves from this dangerous radiation? Here we are showing some tips to protect yourselves from mobile radiation.

Message rather than talk


Text messages than talking will make you less effect to radiation. While you are talking on mobile your brain effects more and directly to radiation. So when you text mobile will be far to your brain. So, this is much better way to avoid radiation.

Make use of headsets and speakers

Now a days usage of headsets became more, this is better than the direct contact by your mobile to your ear. The usage of speakers and headsets avoids the direct interaction between mobile and ear. Even though better to use headphones with low volume to protect your hearing capacity.

Avoid mobile in night times

night mobile

Your mobiles emits very high amount of radiation in night times than morning hours. Most of us will have the habit to keep our mobile a side of us while sleeping. This effect us a lot directs to our heart and brain this reduces the efficient functionality of our heart. So, must avoid its usage while night hours.

Better to limit usage of time on mobiles

cell phone

This is very difficult to follow. But to be safe you must follow. Use mobiles only when you are in need. Don’t over use it, this is a tip to maintain over mental condition as well.

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