apple generic battery life

How to save battery life of iPhone without using external tools

apple generic battery life

We know that usage of Apple products gives a wonderful experience. Apple provides best features and the consumption of battery by that features also up to that mark. So how to save battery life? here we are showing some tips to save battery life without using any external tools.

Maintain enough brightness

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It is much better to adjust the brightness to auto brightness such that it automatically changes brightness according to the light. To change into auto brightness first go to Settings < Brightness and Wallpaper there you can see set Auto-Brightness on.

Better to minimize the usage of location services

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Apps belongs to location services like maps will consume more amount of battery life. So you can see which apps are using more location services by go to Settings<Privacy<Location services and make the app which is using more location services off.

Better to off push notifications

push notofication

The new data which is getting by push notifications will show effect on your battery life. To solve this problem do this settings go to Settings<Notifications<Turn sounds off and Change Alert Style to Non and Turn Badge App icon off. There by you can get notifications only when that app is open.

Much better to use Airplane mode in no coverage areas

airplane mode on

One network always tries to make connections with other networks. So here the consumption of battery will be more so the remedial measure for this is to maintain Airplane mode in the places where there is no coverage area of your network.

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