Some unknown features of Android mobile that you use

We are using android mobiles because of its features, look and other many aspects. Among all we know some features and using. Then what about the features that we don’t know? In that case we are trying to show some excellent features that you come across and neglecting.

Feature 1 :

One of the excellent feature of android mobile is usage of phone’s internal memory to store files and hard to find when they are transfer for this there is a file manager in market called Astro File Manager this is available in Google play store and it is a free file explorer and to install this visit

Feature 2 :

Searching and typing special characters like comma, fulstop etc.. in messages is very irritated so, there is a way to avoid searching special characters is by tap and hold the period key. There by you can get all the special characters at one place.

Feature 3

Some apps will drain your battery. Android provide a feature to view how much processing power that each app using. To view follow these steps

  •  Go to settings.
  •  In that settings go to Running services.

Here you can see the list. If you think that something is opening which you no need then tap it and select stop option to close that app.

Feature 4 :


Android animated background looks good but it targets on your battery. If your battery is loosing quickly then switch to a still background instead and if you want to close all other animations then go to Settings<Display<Animations.

Feature 5 :

Android providing you a facility to create a folder on your home page. Create your own folder by tapping and holding on the open space of the screen. When the menu pops up select folders and in that select New folder. A new folders comes on your screen and you can drag your apps into it.

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