Man developed a software to know his feelings

How funny and interesting to know that man developed a software to know feelings of human. Yes! this happened in US, a software company developed it. This software can analyse human face to know whether he/she is in sad, joy, angry and many more.. Lets see more about this software.



One of the US company called Emotient developed a software named Facet. This software can analyse the various feelings ofor images and gives the result. This is very useful to know if person is really joy or less pretending as if he is in joy.

How Facet software works?

In general our human bhis analyses the person who are in videos ody has two different motor systems for the functioning of facial muscles. One is slightly faster than the primary motor system which controls its deliberate motions. As long as they appear in the single frame in video Facet can recognise them the company claims.


Facet 2.1 SDK uses device resident cameras and web cams. A resolution of at least 48 pixel of the face from ear to ear is optimal. This software supports for Windows, Linux platforms. It can measure expressions of primary emotions, over all sentiments, emotion blends, 19 facial action units.

 Features of Facet:

about emotion Channels
  • It can detects Natural, low intensity expressions.
  • It can use for multiple faces at a time.
  • Frame by frame analysis to to detect rapid, Subtle emotions.
  • Its gives high quality outputs.

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