Now access your mails even in offline

How can we access our synchronized mails when we are in Aeroplane or trains or where there is no network? There is one solution which is provided by Chrome in the form of an Application(App). This application is used to read, respond.. our mails in offline. Lets go in detail about this app…

Chrome developed an app called  Gmail Offline.  Latest version of this app is 1.20 and its size is 21.38KB. Small thing you what to do is to install this app in your chrome browser. You can install it by following these simple steps click on Gmail Offline and go to Free–>Add–>Allow offline mail ” option and click on continue option. From now you can access your mails even in offline.
p will get installed in your chrome browser. Now click on the logo which appeared in your app launcher, now click on “.

When you use first Gmail offline you will asked to prompt Offline mail storage, if you choose ” don’t allow ” then you can use Gmail Offline but no mail storage takes place i.e no mail available in offline. You can remove offline data by following these steps go to Remove offline data search for now click the X that appear. When you close Google chrome sync will get stops at that time. When the next time you connect to the internet pending actions will takes place automatically.

By default Gmail syncs your recent conversations for a week but, you can change the amount of mails that synced. Follow these steps to do this open the app<gear icon(you can see on yourupper right)<Drop down ” Download mail from past ” menu Click on the option as you like to sync < Apply. When you are working in offline you can see messages in the lower left part of the screen.
Limitations of Gmail Offline app:

  1. Gmail labs are not supported.
  2. Signatures are not displayed during composition but still appended after sending.
  3. The maximum size for any single attachment is 5MB. Total size of all attachments in the message cannot extend 25MB.
  4. This version only applicable for Chrome.

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