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Most of us like to share our posts or images or status in many sites. Posting in individual sites take more time and sometimes we neglect some sites due to this problem. So there are some tools to avoid this problem and shares at a time with one click. These tools will help us a lot. Now lets go through it.

Everypost tool:


Everypost is a social media publishing tool. This tool is the easiest way to manage posts and content to facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and many other social  networking sites. This allows the post content without having a 140 characters restriction. From here you can post text, videos, images. You can also send your posts through mails by selecting there contacts. Some of the main features are shown bellow:

  • There is ability to post in facebook pages, linkedin companies, Google+ pages.
  • There is photo quality settings option.
  • We can also search videos from youtube, pictures from Flicker and music from Grooveshark .
  • You can save Photos, videos, posts in Dropbox.
  • Evertpost providing unlimited postings.
  • This ability to choose your Pinterest boards, tumbler blogs, Google+ circles.
  • It provides Url shortenings.

For android users Everypost for Android.

For Apple users Everypost for Apple.

There is an other app used for updating status at a time called Quick post.

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