Some hidden uses with your Gmail account

We know that Gmail ID is a gate pass to login any where in internet. We using our Gmail ID only to access some mails and other Google services. But there are many hidden uses with it like taking hard copy through your printer being any where in the world using your Gmail, listen music with trick which is backup in your drive, many more uses with it. So, lets know more about it..


Listen music with in the track which is backuped in any drive using your Gmail:

Google drive is nothing but a cloud storage service. Up to now you know how to store documents, presentations, photos etc in it and can also edit them using Google docs now iam introducing a new third party service called Drivetunes from Google chrome to Listen music with in the track which is backuped in any drive. Just login with your Gmail ID into it and click  “ Accept “. Now you can see list of all songs which are uploaded into your Google drive. You can listen your music from any where this supports all MP3, MP4 music files. You can also use his service from your mobile using its app if you are the users of Android then use Cloud around lite music player app If you are the users of Apple use CloudBeats Lite app. This app supports Dropbox, Box, Sugersync and many other cloud storages also.

Take print from your printer( which is in home) being any where in the world using your Gmail:

You need to use Chrome browser to do this operation. First your PC and printer is to be in on state. Now open your Chrome browser and follow these steps Settings << Show advance settings << Google Cloud Print click on ” manage ” and connect your printer with ” Add printer “. Now if you want to give print go to Chrome browser click on ” print ” option then follow these steps Destination << Change ( to select remote print option ). Important note that you can print only the content which is in Chrome Browser not from system software. If you want to take print from word document then upload that content to Google docs then take print from office files. You can use this service in mobile through apps for Android users Cloud print app and for Apple users PrintCentral Pro.

To sync Mobile contacts:

We used to save many contacts in our mobile. If we lose our mobile or if we want to transfer our contacts to another mobile it takes more time. So, use your Contacts in your Gmail to do this with in less time. Follow these stpes to make your work soo easy Gmail home page >> Contacts ( click on arrow symbol which is in right side ). Add all contacts in your mobile manually into address if there are CSV and vCard files in your contact then click on More option ( in contact tab ) and import contacts after importing click on Export in more option save on CSV, vCard formats and sync those contacts any time into your mobile. This supports all format files for Android, Apple, Blackberry, IOS mobiles.

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