ms word shortcut keys

About 200 Number codes for special characters in MS Word

ms word shortcut keys

When you are creating documents or while typing there will be use of some symbols which does not exist on your keyboard. In that case where you will get that symbols? There is a solution for that, just click on Num Lock on your keyboard and click Alt+number (every symbol has one number code) to get your required symbol. This method is used even to get alphabets of any languages including English. There are many symbols and number codes So, I am sharing few symbols and there number code to you..

                    Number code                             Symbols

                                   Alt+123                                                       {

                                   Alt+126                                                        ~

                                   Alt+128                                                        Ç

                                   Alt+129                                                        ü

                                   Alt+130                                                        é

                                   Alt+131                                                        â

                                   Alt+132                                                        ä

                                   Alt+133                                                        à

                                   Alt+134                                                        å

                                   Alt+135                                                        ç

                                   Alt+136                                                        ê

                                   Alt+137                                                        ë

                                   Alt+138                                                        è

                                   Alt+139                                                         ï

                                   Alt+140                                                         î

                                   Alt+141                                                         ì

                                   Alt+142                                                         Ä

                                   Alt+143                                                         Å

                                   Alt+144                                                         É

                                   Alt+145                                                         æ

                                   Alt+146                                                        Æ

                                   Alt+147                                                          ô

                                   Alt+148                                                          ö

                                   Alt+149                                                          ò

                                   Alt+150                                                          û

                                   Alt+151                                                          ù

                                   Alt+152                                                          ÿ

                                   Alt+154                                                         Ü

                                   Alt+157                                                         ¥

                                  Alt+160                                                          á

                                  Alt+162                                                           ó

                                  Alt+163                                                           ú

                                  Alt+165                                                           Ñ

                                  Alt+166                                                            ª

                                  Alt+167                                                            º

                                  Alt+168                                                            ¿

                                  Alt+169                                                            ©

                                  Alt+170                                                             ¬

                                  Alt+171                                                            ½

                                  Alt+172                                                            ¼

                                  Alt+173                                                             ¡

                                  Alt+174                                                             «

                                  Alt+175                                                             »

                                  Alt+176                                                             °

                                  Alt+178                                                             ²

                                  Alt+179                                                             ³

                                  Alt+180                                                             ´

                                  Alt+181                                                             µ

                                  Alt+182                                                             ¶

                                  Alt+183                                                              ·

                                  Alt+184                                                              ¸

                                  Alt+185                                                              ¹

                                  Alt+186                                                              º

                                  Alt+187                                                              »

                                  Alt+188                                                             ¼

                                  Alt+189                                                             ½

                                  Alt+190                                                             ¾

                                  Alt+191                                                             ¿

                                  Alt+192                                                             À

                                  Alt+193                                                             Á

                                  Alt+194                                                             ^

                                  Alt+195                                                             Ã

                                  Alt+196                                                             Ä

                                  Alt+198                                                            Æ

                                  Alt+199                                                             Ç

                                  Alt+200                                                             È

                                  Alt+201                                                             Ł

                                  Alt+202                                                             Ê

                                  Alt+204                                                              Ì

                                  Alt+205                                                              Í

                                  Alt+206                                                              Î

                                  Alt+207                                                              Ï

                                  Alt+208                                                              Ð

                                  Alt+209                                                              Ñ

                                  Alt+210                                                             §0

                                  Alt+211                                                              Ó

                                  Alt+212                                                              Ô

                                  Alt+213                                                               ç

                                  Alt+214                                                              Ö

                                  Alt+215                                                               ×

                                  Alt+216                                                               Ø

                                  Alt+217                                                               Ù

                                  Alt+218                                                               Ú

                                  Alt+219                                                               Û

                                  Alt+220                                                               Ü

                                  Alt+221                                                               Ý

                                  Alt+222                                                               Þ

                                  Alt+223                                                               ß

                                  Alt+224                                                               à

                                  Alt+225                                                               ß

                                  Alt+226                                                               â

                                  Alt+228                                                               ä

                                  Alt+229                                                               å

                                  Alt+230                                                               µ

                                  Alt+232                                                               è

                                  Alt+233                                                               é

                                  Alt+234                                                               ê

                                  Alt+236                                                               ì

                                  Alt+237                                                               í

                                  Alt+238                                                                î

                                  Alt+239                                                                ï

                                  Alt+240                                                                 ð

                                  Alt+241                                                                 ±

                                  Alt+242                                                                 ò

                                  Alt+243                                                                 ó

                                  Alt+244                                                                 ô

                                  Alt+245                                                                 õ

                                  Alt+246                                                                 ÷

                                  Alt+247                                                                 ÷

                                  Alt+248                                                                 °


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