Ways to protect your Smartphone

Almost all mobile users are under android family. Many number of apps… now games are on our fingers… we used to update with this technical world. Then what about the capacity of your smartphone? To solve this type of problems there are many tips and tools rather than a service center. Today lets about them…

Adjustment of ‘Space’:

Adjustment of 'Space'

As we all know that the internal memory in the smartphones will be very less. We can also see that the speed of processing will become slow due to the total occupancy of internal memory.This is due to cache files, data, apps. There is a free app called AppMgr 3 to manage them. You can get this through Google play. As soon as download and run this app it scans all the data and app and shows to you. The data, files and apps which are not needed to save in internal memory can be send to card memory by selecting them. You can also uninstall the apps so that cache memory will become empty.

Android Assistant app:

Android Assistant app:

You can make a app called Assistant App as your assistant to know the update capacity of your smartphone.  This app reports you the usage range of your mobile battery, CPU and memory. You can delete unnecessary files using Cache cleaner. You can know the information of apps which are running in “Process manager”. You can kill all the histories and kill the apps. You can mange apps running in Smart apps using “Smart app manager”. You can access all the data files using “File manager”.

AVG cleaner – memory and storage:

AVG cleaner - memory and storage:

By making RAM empty we can increase our processor ability. There are some apps to do this among them one of the free app is AVG cleaner – memory & storage app. As soon as you run this app on your mobile you can see History, Cache, Calls & Messages, Auto Clean. You can select individual and remove all unwanted things. You can clean your mobile automatically using  “auto clean ” option including with call log.

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