Use tools… Avoid typing…

How to change Lessons in books… pages in novels… to text format? Is there only way to text all the time?? Bellow tools are the answers to all these type of questions. That is using tools we can avoid typing. Lets see in brief…

Changing pdf format files or scanning the documents are the most frequently works done us. To make these tasks easy there are some tools lets look into first tool named capture2text tool. It is free tool and can use this with all shortcuts. The thing which you want to do is simple, just double click on the icon symbol which arrive as soon as you install this tool.  So that you can see a icon symbol in system tray. Now right click on this icon for shortcuts, select Preferences command. There you can see a window with full of shortcuts. There is an another tool for systems is Free OCR to Word application.

free ocr

If you think that these installations, software, shortcuts… are waste of time. There is an another easy way i.e visit this site. This is a web service, just upload image format files into this site and change into text format. For this first visit home page of this site and select the format of the files to be uploaded. Now click on Download Output file that’s all.

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