Amazing smart phone screen locking apps

Now a days we are very much fascinated about the locking system of  mobiles. It is playing a key role in security protection of our smart phones. So, there are some amazing apps in market with free of cost for security let us see different types of locking models and apps.

Door Lock

This app is just like our door locking system the thing which you need to do is to set a locking sequence of the door in settings menu. Now to unlock the screen you must match the exact sequence of door opening which is already set in the settings. there are some other apps of same concept but differ in style : Use Door lock phone 

Knock Lock-Lock screen

First install this app into your phone. Open the app there you tap a combination of 4 to 8 alphabets using A B C D and confirm the password. After confirm you get some security questions, answer any one of them. Then you have to set the patten of your lock. You can personalise your screen lock by using various Custom settings. choose from the amazing HD wallpapers. Now you can tap the wallpaper. For detail understanding you can watch above video.

Granate Screen lock

You can blast the your mobile screen using this app (LOL). Just install this app into mobile. Go to its settings and enable the lock, choose the direction of the granate pin which appear on your mobile screen for blast and unlock the screen.

There are many other interesting Screen Locking apps to visit them.

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