Free apps to increase brightness of your mobile flash light

Here are we are showing some of the applications to increase brightness, as well as add special effects to your mobile flash light. We are showing top apps for android, ios operating systems.


Super Bright LED flash light app

Super Brightness LED flash light app increases the brightness instantly. We can also add strobe or blinking mode according to our requirement to flash light for free. We can switch on/off the light. Blinking frequency can also be adjusted. Size of this app is 5MB and current version is 1.0.6. This supports only for android mobiles. It has 4.5 rating in Google Play.

Requirement is Android 1.6 and up.

Tiny flash light + LED app

+ LED app has several screen modes. And also has strobe or blinking mode. It does not requires real flash lights. It has 4.5 rating in Google Play. Its size is 1.1MB. Current version is 5.1.5, required Android is 1.5 and up.


It is same as above apps it consists of sensitive frequency controller. Built in SOS flash light signal. You can use the cam LED light. Its rating in Google play store is 4.3.Size is 4.6MB. Current version is 1.2. Require Android 2.2 and up.


Flash Light 

This is 1.5.0 version. Brightest flash light will on instantly. It has strobe mode with 10 different frequencies. It is intuitive and elegant User Interface design. Requires iOS 4.3 or up. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad. This app is optimized with iPhone 5. Its size is 12.2MB. It is a free app.

iLights flash light 

This app is fast in loading with adjustable strobe speed and It flashes up to 10 flashes/sec, 10hz. Current version 1.5 with size  2.2 MB. Requires iOS 5.0 or up. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and optimized for iPhone 5. Its rating is 11. This app is free for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5 and 4.

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