Some tools To make Your smartphone Work more Smarter

Mobile, computer, tab what ever may be the gadget, if the usage services are smart then there are more benefits with our smartphone. There are many tools in the market to make services smart lets see some of them in detail.

speed reader

 Before using smartphones we used to learn something by referring to books or magazines but now trend was totally changed. Did you though any time that how efficiently you are reading.

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In general we can able to read 200 to 250 words per min. To improve your reading skills there is a tool called Speed reader app this can be used in Android mobile and tabs. The task is that you have to read the words which are scrolling on your screen you can also set its scrolling speed.This app supports txt, pdf, epud, html, xml formats.


There is user friendly service called push bullet to share the data which is much better than all other sharing tools. To use this in your PC login to it. It can share any type of data with a simple interface and independent on the service we use. For example chrome browsers can go to push bullet app. There you can see a icon symbol beside an address bar.

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Go to google play and install this app into your mobile mobile app. Now if you want to sent any data from mobile to PC or PC to mobile there is no need to go to mail. Go to chrome browser and click on icon symbol go to links submit any link then click on push it button.

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