HTML Development Of The Most Powerful Web Development Tool (Firebug)

Firebug is a free open source web browser. It is the extension of Mozilla Firefox which specifies the live debugging, editing and monitoring of any website. Firebug is licensed under BSD licensed. In addition to these it is useful tool for web security testing and web page performance analysis. It makes changes immediately and gives constant feedback to the user. All editors in Firebug support autocomplete. Let us see  the HTML development specifications of Firebug in detail.

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HTML Development :


You can see the changes highlighted so that you can easily identify where what and when you made changes in HTML. You can instantly edit the HTML. You can edit, delete or create HTML element just by clicking them and tabbing from one to next. Tweaks, Firebug allows you to edit the entire HTML source of the element just right-click an element and choose “Edit HTML..” from the menu. Firefox has a “View Source” window, but it doesn’t show you what the HTML source really looks like once it has been transformed by JavaScript. Firebug’s HTML tab shows you what the HTML tab shoes you what the HTML looks like right now. When you inspect an element in HTML tab, you can reload the page and Firebug will continue to show that same element if it still exists after reload. Right click on the element, and you will have several options for copying aspects of that element to the clipboard, including its HTML fragment, the value of its “innerHTML” property, or an XPath expression that identifies the element uniquely.

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