5 Smart Phone Amazing Apps To Store Our Memories

Till now we came across many wonderful applications like To increase brightness of mobile flash light, Some knowledge improving apps, A smartphone to identify the diseases and many more. Today we are going to see some apps which are used to store our memories. Lets us see in deep…


Today the most joyful word is Friday because we are only 24 hours far from our weekend to enjoy and relax. If you want to recall all your memories and wonderful movements once, then Friday app is helpful to you. You can recall all the things that you come across in this weeks. What are the goods and bads that you done? and what are the updates that you had in your social networking sites?. What are songs you hear in that week? and so on so far. all these information can be stored and recall with in seconds using this app. You can even share those information with your friends using social networking sites.

Evernote Food 

We feel very happy to have delicious food with our parents or friends in a beautiful environment. But they are occasional movements. So, there is an app called Evernote Food to record those movements. Let us take an example, you had your dinner at a best hotel with your love ones. You just take pics of that and store them in this application. This app gives you the information of those location too. You can add the info of your dish, even you can add the process of preparation of that dish, you can share all these with your friends or relatives. One more amazing feature of this app is that recipe with is in this app data base can be browse in the net and can know all the info about it. You can create a book called My Cookbook which is used to store your favourite dishes.

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DayCatcher Journal

It is sounds really interesting that an average person can have nearly 12000 thoughts per day and while writing any thing we can get nearly 2500 thoughts in an hour. These thoughts may also contain our experiences. Then the question is Is there any easy interface to write those thoughts? Before this DayCatcher Journal app it is no but now the answer is yes. We can say that this is a smart dairy. We can write some valuable thoughts at the spot in this app. You can also add some pics to that notes. It is also useful to manage our daily works using remainders in this app.


We used have many dreams but we don’t no how realistic they are. To know that just install Dreamboard  app. You need to add the information about your dream to this app that is about Narration, mood, type‚Ķ of your dream. You can view all the dreams that you had in a month by opening into the Dreams Journal menu. This a dream dairy in other words.

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Do you want to know your yearly or monthly budget? Then use Wally+ app. You can store your expenditure information in the sense how much you are spending on a object or thing? To home you are spend it? What is your daily wage and what is your daily expenditure? One  of the special feature with this app is using PGS service you can know the places or locations where you spent your money. You can get financial updates in the form of notifications.

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