Free Apps Which Can Replace Your Wallet

Hi! In my previous posts i introduced you some apps to plan your budget. Today i am back with some best apps which acts as your wallet. Lets go in detail.

Why should we use apps to replace our Wallets?

  • Wallet can be lost but not apps unless until you lost your mobile.
  • Need not to spend money on purchasing wallets.
  • Over come worry of forgetting wallets.
  • Easy to carry and flexible and scalable to maintain.

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10 Free Apps


square wallet

Key Features of Paytm

  1. “Scan a QR code” or “Slide to Pay” to transfer money to other Wallet.
  2. Transfer money from paytm to bank account.
  3. Ping your friends to pay you back for bus tickets.
  4. Every time you do transaction, transaction info changes to chat conversation.
  5. Great Security for your credit/debit card.
  6. Great discounts on restaurants and some deals.

My Wallet

square wallet

Key Features of My Wallet

  1. Add accounts with initial balance and color coded.
  2. Add income and expenses.
  3. Add bills receipts and set remainder.
  4. Pie and line graph report.
  5. Dropbox backup and restore.
  6. Set password to protect data.

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Oxigen Wallet

Key Features of Oxigen Wallet

  1. We can use for recharges and shopping.
  2. Transfer money to any mobile and any network in India.
  3. Merchant payment is available.
  4. Send money via social media and also social login.
  5. Refer a friend, Instance payment and void acceptance.
  6. Certified by RBI( Reserve Bank of India).

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