MacKeeper removal wanted: the product still faces extremely negative feedback

MacKeeper marketing sells it as a comprehensive product to ensure your Mac is free of viruses, malware, and other threats, as well as performs its best capacity. The response of the users who have tried this tool is rather uniform. Their most popular assessment is the query they make asking how to get rid of MacKeeper virus.

That is to say, this response rather exaggerates the risk level the adware exposes you to. Technically speaking, the application under review is no virus at all. From a legal point of view, it does not break the law as the users install it in the framework of the End User Installation Agreement (EULA).

To say the least, we are not here to advocate MacKeeper. Being not a virus, it is aggressive adware that most of its users dislike due to its popups. Indeed, it reports the threats in highly awkward and exaggerative manners. There are too many false positives. Expert’s opinion often suggests those reports intentionally create fake threats for marketing purposes.

MacKeeper removal wanted

As regards the way the adware gets installed, it exploits drive-by downloads and other concealing tactics. The user’s consent is in place, but the user’s awareness is not. For instance, as you load freeware like a free converter to PDF you agree the EULA in bulk. The provision specifying the respective user’s consent for the installation of certain by-products usually meets zero attention of the end user. The design of the procedure intentionally hides the conditions that you are not likely to agree. That is why the users, from a human point of view, are right labeling the product a virus and seeking the way to remove MacKeeper.

MacKeeper System Status report

Again, the software is no virus, in terms of both its technical performance and the level of risk it poses. However, its annoyance level and installation tactics are so nasty that public opinion recognizes it as one.

By their fruits you will get knowledge of them.

The virus has gained its ill fame due to the marketing campaigns run by previous owners. Those were so awkward that a lawsuit was filed against the MacKeeper vendors. The vendors settled the lawsuit for USD 2 mln. However, they did not plead guilty. The funds they paid partially covered claims of the users.

The new crew behind the software seemed to be running a relatively fair play. However, the demand for the removal of MacKeeper remains high. The software itself fails to offer the appropriate native uninstalling procedure.

The guidance below is at your disposal offering best convenience and quality for the ultimate removal of MacKeeper virus.

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