Everyone makes this mistake when charging an iPhone

Don’t do that. Everyone makes this mistake when charging an iPhone

As a rule, iPhones are not cheap devices, so if you want to do everything to keep it in good condition, it’s worth removing the case before charging the smartphone.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find an iPhone user without a phone case, but charging in a low-quality case can be a bad idea. In fact, constantly charging your smartphone in an improperly shaped or cheap material case can lead to deteriorating battery performance.

So, if you notice that the battery level jumps from 100% to 90% or even 80%, one of the reasons may be that your iPhone overheats frequently. The case can obstruct heat dissipation during charging, so when the device overheats, it can negatively affect its efficiency and lifespan. Additionally, charging with a case can cause damage to the charging cable and create additional pressure on various components of the device, potentially leading to damage.

It may sound strange, but Apple itself recommends not charging your iPhone in a case because charging the device while it’s in a specific style of case can result in excessive heating, which can impact the battery’s capacity. Therefore, if you notice your device heating up during charging, remove the case first.

The case can become an obstacle to heat dissipation

However, if you still want to charge the device in a case, make sure it doesn’t overheat, and monitor the device’s temperature to stop charging in case of overheating. Additionally, always use the charging cable that comes with the device or an original cable compatible with your device to avoid damaging its components.

How to prolong battery life

Apple has identified a temperature range that is best suited for iPhones. The range varies from 0°C to 35°C. If the temperature goes below these criteria, you’ll notice that your iPhone discharges faster due to the laws of thermodynamics. If you leave it in the sun on a hot day, it may shut down.

Apple also provides a range of tips to maximize the battery usage of your iPhone. The phone already operates autonomously for a considerable amount of time, but actions like disabling background app refresh or GPS can extend your phone’s battery life.

If you enjoy scrolling through Instagram while your phone is charging, it’s also advisable to stop doing that as it can affect the wear of your iPhone. Additionally, charging with a non-original charger can cause minor changes in your iPhone’s battery performance, so it’s better to use only verified chargers and cables.

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